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Can you send a list of your favorite blogs plz?

There are soooo many! This is not complete but here are a few:



Miss Black Rage



This great blog


This great blog

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I love your simplicity. I understand your state of mind... U reblog everything that sounds right to your ears and worthy of reading to your eyes. Whether it was religious, or a breath-taking place... You reblog any spiritual and soul-relaxing posts. I think that's just incredible. U know... That you do not include your bias into such things. I love you and your blog. <3

This is really lovely, thank you so much this made my day <3 I hope you have a wonderful day xoxo

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Turn-offs: not being treated like a human being

me flirting 
Why do you have so much followers?

I don’t know I just do :)

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Hi! Well I'm on school holidays atm and mum asked me if I want to go out with friends or something, and I honestly don't want to. I feel weird because most of the people I know in real life love going out and yeah people on tumblr talk about being in bed all day but I don't know what to do, do you think I should hang out with my friends? Plus I never know what to do with friends and I fear awkward situations. Sorry to throw my problems on to you, I just really like the advice you give :)

Hello lovely, you’re not throwing your problems on me, you’re asking advice which I’m more than happy to give in the hope it helps. Me personally I’m in the opposite situation, I love going out and being around people whereas most of my friends prefer to send most of their time by themselves. And it’s important to remember both are okay. I would encourage you to spend time by yourself if that is what you enjoy and want to do, there is nothing wrong with that. But I also encourage you not to avoid spending time with your friends solely out of fear because this will not make you happy. I know it’s hard doing things we dread but if we practice at this it becomes a lot easier. If you want to hang out with them but are worried I would say find something that doesn’t require you to put in a lot of social effort. By this I mean things like the movies or something along those lines. So you’re spending the time with them but it doesn’t require to push yourself into a situation that you fearful. 

Look after yourself lovely, I hope this helps,

lots of love and the best of luck,

xoxo Natasha

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Looking through my photos from my last Australia trip